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Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 09:45:36 CEST

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    Hi Konstantin
    You are right! In the manual we present lattic.f as a user routine, but it
    is not included in the usermvax directory, for different reasons.
    I include here a lattic.f from the material of the last FLUKA course and
    we shall see how to correct the next release.

    Notice that the routine I attach here is not empty!!!!! It contains
    already some transformations for the case discussed during the course.
    You must adapt it to your specific needs: be careful.
    I also include the few slides on lattic from the course.

    Thank you for the note.

    Hi beautiful people!

    I'd like to use lattice geometry in my simulations. I found the
    reference to lattic.f in the manual but cannot find this file in my FLUKA
    package (the latest one: flukalinuxAA.tar.gz, 2003.1).
    Where can I find this file?


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