From: Alberto Fasso' (fasso@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 17:34:39 CEST

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    The "volume of the region" which is input with the USRTRACK
    option, is actually just a normalization factor. The sum of the
    track lengths in that region are divided by that number.

    The manual says "volume" because track length divided by volume
    gives fluence, which is the most common quantity of interest.
    In this case the result is in cm/cm3 = cm-2.
    But there are cases where the quantity of interest is the
    total track length itself, and then the normalization
    factor must be 1. In this case the result is in cm.
    Or, for instance, setting that number equal to the radiation
    length in that region, one gets the total track length in units
    of a radiation length, etc.
    More generally, the user can use that number as the product of any
    desired normalization factors: what is important to remember
    is that the score will be DIVIDED by that number.


    On Mon, 9 Aug 2004, Katherine Harine wrote:

    > Am I missing something on the USRTRACK card? In the mu.inp file the
    > USRTRACK card gives 1.0 cm^3 as the volume of the region, yet the
    > dimensions of region 3 in the geometry section give a volume orders of
    > magnitude greater. What am I missing?
    > - katherine

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