Re: Energies before and after the Birks correction

From: Joseph Comfort (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 20:26:28 CET

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't thought of that. However, as I
    understand the manual, 2 USRBIN cards would put the selected bins into
    consecutive portions of a single array. I am already using 350 out of
    the 400 available bin locations, and there is no room for doubling. I
    have been using EVENTBIN and EVENTDAT to get dumps, for special
    post-processing. I have found that the energies I want are apparently
    available, but in two separate (large) files. So the variables are
    available somewhere. I would prefer to make my own output files with
    the information all in one place.

    I think there is also a bug. I have 709 regions and use EVENTBIN to
    select 8 bins in steps of 3 followed by 342 bins in steps of 2, making
    use of 2 out of 3 "region sets" on the EVENTBIN card(s). I expect to
    have a bin array of 350 locations, with the Birks correction to be
    applied to each one. However, the printout suggests that only the first
    342 are set up, and the output (binary) file gives only 342 values. It
    seems that the number of bins from the two region sets are not added.


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