FLUKA run with EMF option

From: Khnkanos N. Sanosyan (khnko@asls.candle.am)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 14:38:44 CET

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    Dear FLUKA experts,

    I would like to calculate 3 GeV e- beam induced radiation dose rate in
    Ordinary Concrete by following to the electron propagation in Concrete
    absorber. In addition of the example of mu+ propagation in sea water I
    am trying to use also EMF option. It seams to me that I have removed the
    obvious errors but after "EMF data successfully retrieved for one medium."
    output message the program continues calculation too long (more than a
    few days). And I can not fix the reason of such kind long running!

    Please, I am sending you in the attachment my task's steering input file,
    and I am asking you to glance over it and fix the errors.
    My executing command was:
                  flutil/rfluka -e flukaCCT -N0 -M1 -p cctordin CCT

    To reduce the CPU time:
    1. I increased the number of events to be simulated to 3,
    2. I artificially decreased the cut off thresholds in cctordin.peg input
    3. I have installed FLUKA from the scratch but the same picture of the
    I have some uncertainties:
    1. Does my computing resources are sufficient for my task?
       I use PENTIUM III, 1000MHz, 192MB RAM.
    2. Perhaps I have the lack of some user routine, which name does exist but
       the contain does not correspond to my requests?
    3. Or this is a problem of my non correct presentation of the
       COMBINATORIAL GEOMETRY in which the shower particles infinitely try to
       cross the boundary to the forward and backward...?

    Has anyone else run across such kind of problem and if so, do you
    have any suggestions that might help me resolve this?

    Thank you for your help and time in advance!
    Sincerely yours,

    Khnkanos N. SANOSYAN
    ASLS  (Armenian Synchrotron Light Source)
    CANDLE     (Center for the Advancement of	Atjaryan St. 31, Avan,
    Natural Discoveries using Light Emission)	Yerevan 375040 / ARMENIA
    Tel.:     (+374-1) 612569	                Private: (+374-1) 645865
    Fax:      (+374-1) 629806 
    Mail:     khnko@asls.candle.am 	 
    http:     //www.candle.am/

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