Re: running FLUKA in GRID (length of $FLUPRO)

From: Konstantin Batkov (
Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 16:20:01 CET

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    Hi Alberto,

    You are right.
    This is not actually a problem. I have already solved it by the same way
    (using a symbolic link), but this way is not elegant. Tell the truth, I
    have simplified the description of the problem in my first letter. There
    are two dirs to take into account: user's working dir that looks like

    and user's home dir pointed by $HOME variable like this:

    All user files are supposed to be in working dir (with this long name), so
    I create a symbolic link: ln -s `pwd` $HOME/mydir (as several
    tasks might use the same WN (worker node), the name "mydir" should be
    unique for every task. for instance, one can use mktemp).

    Best regards,

    > Is it really a problem? One can make a symbolic link with a short name:
    > ln -s /var/tmp/edg_wl_scratch/WMS_wn071_027819_https_3a_2f_2flcg16.sinp.
    > msu.ru_3a9000_2fPGSM9IKSvubEyi7hGEc3mw /home/shortname/

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