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From: ZAPP, NEAL (JSC-SF2) (LM) (
Date: Sat Jan 14 2006 - 19:52:31 CET

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    Is there an existing scoring routine which reasonably estimates pure LET
    spectra on a region-by-region basis? I have an input file and source for a
    simple slab calculation (Al shield followed by a water column) of a
    space-like distributed spectrum, and I get good dose output with USRBIN - so
    far so good. What I need next is an LET estimator for a given volume, the
    endpoint being an LET spectrum from which to estimate an ICRP-26 or 60 dose
    equivalent. I can handle the dose calculation on my own outside, no
    problem, but I have not found a way to capture for every energy deposition
    in the volume the pair (energy deposited - track length associated with the
    deposition). I'm not concerned at this point with re-creating a detector
    response or anything so complicated, I'd like to get to the actual physical
    quantity that a TEPC for example tries to measure in the ideal physical
    extreme, so I want to stay away from average chord lengths, estimations of
    delta ray losses and response functions, etc. to simply add up the physical
    energy/path-length quantity as it is simulated and scored up into totals. I
    don't want to be concerned with any neutron peculiarities either - like
    elastic protons which don't traverse a "chord", having started their motion
    within the volume, I simply want the distance traveled within a volume to
    associate with every energy deposition within that volume. It seems to me
    that FLUKA has to have this information somewhere during a run in order to
    be able to score the fluence (path/volume) and energy deposition, I just
    need the two together in "event" (energy deposition event, if you will)
    pairs. Any quidance you could give me would be helpful. I don't yet have
    enough experience with FLUKA to be confident trying to pull this information
    from commons directly.




    Neal Zapp


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