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Date: Thu Oct 05 2006 - 09:52:26 CEST

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    Hi Alberto
    It is almost exact:
      - the primary particle is stored in the first element of the stack
      - at interactions, the secondaries are stored on the stack, the last
    one is followed first
      - there are separate stacks for e.m and hadronic
      - the "ordering" in the stack is different for e.m. and hadronic:
         - for e.m particles
         the lowest energy one is followed first, therefore if you have a
         photon making a Compton, it could well be followed before the
    secondary electron.
         - for hadronic this energy ordering is not enforced, although low
    energy particles are generally
           followed before high energy ones
       - there can be exceptions

    As for knowing what's going on:

    The mgdraw routine is called ( with different entry points and codes)
    everytime something happens:
      - start of event
      - interactions
       - steps
       - particle below threshold
       - particle exiting in the black hole
       - boundary crossing
      -end of event
    Moreover, the variable Ltrack in the common trackr
    records the "generation number" of the particle: 1 is the primary,
     2 is the product of the first interaction (or decay) , 3 is the product
    of a secondary
     re-interaction (or decay) and so on.


    Alberto wrote:

    >In the FLUKA code the primary particle is stored in the bottom of a stack (FLKSTK).
    >Secondary particles generated by collision are putted over this.
    >The last particle putted is the first tracked, and then all the others
    >in the stack. At the end, at the bottom, the primary particle can continue its path.
    >Is this exact?
    >When occurs a particle "death", or when a particle tracked changes,
    >a particular subroutine is executed?
    >A particular variable stores this changes?
    >Thank you,

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