Re: why dp/dx=<0 ?

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2006 - 16:20:55 CET

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    That means that you sampled an energy exceeding the maximum value
    that your job tabulated at initialization time.
    This is a typical error which occurs to users which sample energy from a
    source of their own.
    In order to avoid this error you must remember that in the BEAM card
    (which remains mandatory even when you are using a source.f) you have
    to put in WHAT(1) an energy or momentum value equal or slightly larger
    than the maximum energy that you wish to sample from your source routine.
    That value will be used at initialization to create your dE/dx tabulation.

    This is explained in the manual.

            Giuseppe Battistoni
    On Thu, 23 Nov 2006, Wang RuiGuang wrote:

    > Dear Fluka users and authors,
    > I have met a problem in the simulation of secondaries of underground muons. The
    > muons were inputted by option Source from a data file which is generated by GEANT3
    > simulation from top of mountain to underground. In SOURCE routine, just
    > momentum, direction cosines and positions
    > of muons are read (PBEAM,UBEAM,VBEAM,WBEAM,XBEAM,YBEAM,ZBEAM). When WHAT(1) of
    > START in input file is 10, running is normal. When it is more than 20 the
    > running stops. The .err and .out show "Stepop, dp/dx=<0!! ij, z, a, mmat,
    > ekin, pthrmx, dpdx0 11 -1 0 33 415.763068
    > 185.348344 -6.57108384E-06
    > Abort called from STEPOP reason dp/dx=<0 Run stopped!
    > STOP dp/dx=<0
    > "
    > This problem has stopped me about three weeks and I still have not any ways to
    > save it now.
    > Could you tell me the possible bug or how to check it?
    > Thanks and Best regards!
    > R.G. Wang

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