Re: Get the position of secondaries.

From: Yung-Shun Yeh (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 19:15:17 CEST

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    Dear Cerutti,

    You're right! There is big error in my root macro file. Thank you very much.

    And in my mgdraw.f file there is problem, too. In this program, I want to
    count the neutron but the elastic interaction and the original neutron
    which induce neutrons. The statement should become,

                  if(kpart(ip).eq.8 .and. tki(ip).gt.hikin) then

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

    > Dear Yung-Shun,
    >> I have a question about X(YZ)SCO. Does X(YZ)SCO only record the position
    >> of primary muon interaction, or it record all interactions' positions.
    > they record all interactions' positions.
    >> I have set counting neutron only for icode=101, but the problem that the
    >> neutron position distribution is anomalous still exit. I think my
    >> geometry
    >> and material assignement is ok. Because it is only a cube filled with
    >> C10H22. Let me briefly describ my simulation. I setup a beam of muon
    >> injecting the cube, and then get the information of neutrons.
    > My simple guess is that you did a plotting mistake. I ran 3d4 primaries
    > with your input and your mgdraw [by the way in the statement
    > if(kpart(ip).eq.8 .and. kpart(ip).gt.hikin) nocount=ip
    > the second condition does not make any sense (hikin=0d0 always). In fact
    > it does not affect at all the assignment, but I think you had in mind
    > tki(ip) instead - why? -.]
    > The resulting distribution is attached. I let you interpret it more
    > deeply, but at a glance it does not look unreasonable (you can of
    > course improve the statistics).
    > Cheers
    > Francesco
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