[fluka-discuss]: Deposited Energy for monochromatic Low energy neutrons

From: Cristian Antochi <VasileCristian.Antochi_at_roma1.infn.it>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 10:30:12 +0100

I am trying to simulate in FLUKA the interactions of a primary neutron
beam below 20 MeV in a low density gas target of Helium.
I tried to send a monochromatic beam on the target and I scored the
Energy through USRBIN and EVENTBIN.
The problem is that the deposited energy is always the same no matter
what card I activate. For example, with a primary beam of 1MeV with
3^10^6 primaries, I get 1674 interactions with an energy deposit of
exactly 0.33033 MeV every single time. Why does that happen? The elastic
interaction should give a distribution of deposited energy up to the
cinematic cut-off at ~0.6MeV...
Is there anything I should do to activate elastic scattering at low

I'm attaching the input file

Thank you,
Cristian Antochi

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