Re: [fluka-discuss]: 11B(p,a)8Be reaction

From: Andrea Fontana <>
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017 12:35:16 +0200

Dear Federico,
     I ran your example and see the problem: the 8Be transition is
included in FLUKA, but you cannot see it because you score a USRBDX
from the PHANTOM to the VOID and your PHANTOM of water is too big
(cylinder radius 5 cm and heigth 10 cm). So the prompt gamma radiation
is absorbed in water. To see this you can replace water with air.

As a reference, a gamma of 1 MeV in water has an half-value thickness,
i.e. a thickness required to reduce the intensity by half, of about
10 cm.

You can try to reduce the water thickness or score from the boron
targets to water directly.

Hope this helps,

Il 14/04/2017 22:07, Federico Geser ha scritto:
> Dear FLUKA experts,
> I'm interested in making proton beam simulations taking into account
> the reaction with the 11B nucleus, leading to 3 alpha particles. This
> reaction has the peculiarity that one of the products, the 8Be
> nucleus, is in an excited state that emits mono-energetic prompt gamma
> of E=719 keV on decay.
> I've already changed the defaults to HADROTHErapy, and just in case,
> added the PHYSICS cards to enable coalescence, evaporation, etc. I
> also compiled linking with the *ldpm3md *event generator.
> Nevertheless, the photon spectra does not include this prompt photon
> peak. This reaction is not included in the FLUKA libraries or did I
> miss something in the simulation setup?
> I attach the input files.
> Regards!
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