Re: about muon coincidence in undreground lab

From: Stefan Roesler (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 16:28:54 CEST

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    Dear Yung-Shun

    I am not sure that I understand your problem. After commenting out the
    unclosed pre-processor directive just after the ASSIGNMAT cards and
    commenting the SOURCE card (since you didnt send the source routine) I get
    entries into all three files BoundaryNeutron, MuonTracker and SRCEPART.

    Could you please explain your problem in more detail?

    Best regards

    On Tue, 26 Jun 2007, Yung-Shun Yeh wrote:

    > Dear FLUKA users,
    > I am doing cosmic muon-induced neutrons simulation in a underground lab. The
    > geometry is a detector and three plastic scintillator layers. I want to
    > classify muons which go through all three fold layers and others. However I
    > don't know how to do. Could any one give me some instructions?
    > My original way is using USDRAW to record every interaction informations
    > of primary muons. But There is no coincidence even using a monodirectional
    > muon beam. Could you point out where the problem is? Then I use ENDRAW to
    > record energy deposition of muon. the result is the same. Are there mistakes
    > in my input cards or subroutines ? Please give me instructions. Thank you
    > very much!
    > Attachments are my input cards, and mgdraw.f.
    > Best regards,
    > Yung-Shun

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