how to turn off LOW-NEUT

Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 00:13:40 CEST

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    I need neon, but can't find it in Table 10.3 for low-energy neutron transport. So, I'd like to turn off low-neut so that the simulation runs.

    I've only found one way to get the simulation running. That is by setting DEFAULTS to EM-CASCAde. But I don't want all the other things that come in package with EM-CASCAde, I only want low-neut to be turned off.

    The manual says, "Low-energy neutron transport (if not already on by default) can be activated with option LOW–NEUT. Explicit suppression is not possible: but the same effect can be obtained using option LOW–BIAS to set a cut-off at group 1." But I think LOW-BIAS can't solve my problem because the simulation would still try to initialise low-neut at the beginning of the simulation, which causes an error and the simulation refuses to run.

    Please help.

    Many thanks,

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