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From: Alfredo Ferrari (alfredo.ferrari@cern.ch)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 16:05:45 CET

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    Subject: Fluka2006.3b respin
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    Dear Users

    a new respin of Fluka2006.3b, fluka2006.3b.9, is available on the web site.

    This respin contains a few patches for rare problems, and one improvement.

    Problems fixed:

    a) a rare crash in Difevv
    b) a rare crash in Hdncin
    c) a (not so) rare crash in Eveqmd
    d) a bug in the scoring of fission products generated by low energy
        neutrons: the bug was de facto zeroing their scoring if and only if
        evolution with isomer patching was selected. *PLEASE RERUN YOUR CASES*
        if you met the following conditions: materials fissionable by neutrons
        below 20 MeV, and residual nuclei evolution with time requested with
        isomer patching

    A couple of these bugs are known to have affected Corsika users, who are
    therefore urged to upgrade to this respin.


    e) The relativistic rise in the number of primary ionization events
        has been implemented, thanks to the help of Marek Kowalski.
        This (positively) affects only those users who are making use of
        the explicit primary ionization algorithm (only the ALICE experiment
        as far as I know). This obviously doesn't affect at all dE/dx
        values, but rather the number and spectrum of explicitly emitted
        primary ionization electrons due to so-called distant collisions

    If you are not using the primary ionization algorithm (see e)), the physics
    has not changed at all and results are 100% (statistically, see below)
    compatible with previous respins of fluka2006.3b (with the obvious
    exception of scorings affected by d))

    Both a), c), d) (and obviously e) for those who are using it) *CAN* change
    random number sequences, even in problems/runs where the related crashes
    never occurred. Therefore *ALL USERS ARE RECOMMENDED TO UPGRADE
    TO THIS RESPIN* since there will be no way to debug, and hence to fix,
    problems met with previous respins.


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