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From: Eleftherios Skordis <>
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Dear Florian,

If your problem is the high number of scoring cards you have to handle then you could try to write your own user routine.
For example using mgdraw (USDRAW) to dump the information of secondaries and calculate the cross sections by hand. However, that would require some extra work.
You can read some info about using fluka user routines from the course

However, what you can to do to simplify the production of your input files is to use variables to define the linked properties in your input and then you can use the flair loop capability to create input files for different cases/energies etc.

Attached some screenshots of the variable definition and the loop variable option you can find in the Run tab.

Hope this helps

Kind regards



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Dear Fluka experts,

I am currently using Fluka to simulate interactions between a heavyion beam (different isotopes) and a hydrogen target to determine isotopic production cross sections relevant for CR propagation using USRYIELD and AUXSCORE. I have used this approach to obtain production cross sections for 12C, 13C and 14N-beams at various beam energies between a few MeV/n and multiple GeV/n.

My problem is that I want to obtain cross sections from 40 different isotopes at different energies and so far I don't see any way to do this but to create a separate input file for each isotope and beam energy I am interested in.

Is there any way to simplify this procedure or to directly obtain the cross sections, as described for example in ?



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