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From: Angel <a.demerdzhiev_at_phys.uni-sofia.bg>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2019 18:33:09 +0200

Dear FLUKA users and experts,

I need to score the neutron fluence enegy spectrum, but in my case most of
the neutrons are bellow 20 MeV. For the test I used the option -
Phi2,Log(E),Lin(Omega) (attached .inp file). But since the upper energy of
the USRBDX card is above 20 Mev and I have selected that the number of the
energ bins is 100 how much energy bins I should expect to obtain? In the
presentation about low energy neutrons I have found that the number of
energy groups is 260 (in the range of 0.01MeV to 20 MeV). In the
CERN-2005-10. pdf is mentioned 72 groups. When I look at the tab.lis file
with the results the number of energy intervals for my case is 108. My
point is that I am clearly misunderstanding something probably even in the
definition of energy group and energy interval.

My other issue is that I need to integrate the fluence. For the purpose if
I should take the parts of the .tab.lis file which start with the

 # double differential distributions
 # number of solid angle intervals 1
 # Block n: 1 0.00000000 : 12.5663710
  9.778E-04 1.003E-03 3.542E-03 1.338E-01
  1.003E-03 1.054E-03 3.548E-03 1.198E-01
  1.054E-03 1.108E-03 4.369E-03 6.623E-02
  1.108E-03 1.165E-03 5.045E-03 7.337E-02

and here the first two columns are the intervals of the energy bins, the
third is the fluence, and the forth one is the error. So from here I just
should take the difference from the first two columns and multiply it to
the third?

Best regards,



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