[fluka-discuss]: Attenuation coefficient for photons in a material

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2019 17:14:06 +0200

Dear FLUKA Experts,
I have been struggling to calculate the mass attenuation constant for any
material with extremely little knowledge of FLUKA. I have lastly tried the
program given by Andrea (mu.inp) in

When I run Flair (1 Cycle) it says 'Finished OK' almost right away (no
action in the 'Primaries' bar though). It produces mu001_fort.21 and
mu001_fort.22 along with other output files. I ran:

Type the input file:mu001_fort.21
 Linear mass attenuation coefficient

  DATE: 11/14/19, TIME: 16:47:55
 Type the input file:
Type the output file name:in

It produces in_tab.lis but zero for all energies. I would appreciate any

Best regards,

Mehmet Bektasoglu
Sakarya University, Department of Physics

+90 (264) 295 6080

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