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Dear Mehmet,

As the particle scored is BEAMPART the code assumes that they could also be neutrons and therefore it adds the low energy group to the requested energy bins. This results in a lot of zeros in the output.

However, you should see a non zero value at the 262th energy interval in the tab.lis. Could you check that line? Conversely you may also look into the sum.lis values (e.g. the Part/pr entry).

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Dear FLUKA Experts,
I have been struggling to calculate the mass attenuation constant for any material with extremely little knowledge of FLUKA. I have lastly tried the program given by Andrea (mu.inp) in

When I run Flair (1 Cycle) it says 'Finished OK' almost right away (no action in the 'Primaries' bar though). It produces mu001_fort.21 and mu001_fort.22 along with other output files. I ran:

Type the input file:mu001_fort.21
 Linear mass attenuation coefficient
  DATE: 11/14/19, TIME: 16:47:55
 Type the input file:
Type the output file name:in

It produces in_tab.lis but zero for all energies. I would appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Mehmet Bektasoglu
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