RE: [fluka-discuss]: Fluka not running after update

From: Mihaela Parvu <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2019 11:04:21 +0000

Dear Paola,

Thank you for your help.
It seems that my computer didn't use the latest version of gfortran even if I set the alias in bashrc.
I managed to solve the problem using: sudo ln /usr/bin/gfortran-8 /usr/bin/gfortran

Maybe this will help somebody else.

Have a nice day,
From: Paola Sala
Sent: 15 November 2019 12:32
To: Mihaela Parvu;
Subject: Re: [fluka-discuss]: Fluka not running after update

Dear Mihaela,
it looks like you downloaded the tar file for the gfortran-7 version. If your comuputer has gfortran-8, please download
which works for gfortran 8 and 9
Hope this helps,

On 11/15/19 11:11 AM, Mihaela Parvu wrote:
Dear fluka experts,

I have upgraded FLUKA and now I cannot run any input. Also, I have used gfortran-8 for compilation.
This is the log file:

At line 101 of file datimf.f
Fortran runtime error: Bad integer for item 1 in list input

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x7fd1d2e0bef7 in ???
#1 0x7fd1d2e0ca95 in ???
#2 0x7fd1d2e0d24c in ???
#3 0x7fd1d2ecfefa in ???
#4 0x7fd1d2ed3fe3 in ???
#5 0x4c514c in datimf_
    at /disk6/alfredo/fluprogfor-7.4/linuxmvax/datimf.f:101
#6 0x4026e5 in flukam_
    at /disk6/alfredo/fluprogfor-7.4/mainmvax/flukam.f:1164
#7 0x40258b in fluka
    at /disk6/alfredo/fluprogfor-7.4/mainmvax/fluka.f:307
#8 0x40258b in main
    at /disk6/alfredo/fluprogfor-7.4/mainmvax/fluka.f:310

Thank you in advance!

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