[fluka-discuss]: Re: Fluka 2011.x.8 respin released --Please re-download

From: Paola Sala <paola.sala_at_mi.infn.it>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 10:23:20 +0100

Dera Users,
a bug was spotted (thanks to the user) in the latest fluka respin. Please
re-download the patched version on the website. The bug caused a crash,
thus there is no problem for results obtained so far.
For fluka course students: if you do not have time to download, no worry,
we'll distribute the patch at the course
> Dear Fluka users
> fluka2011.2x-8, a respin of fluka2011.2x, is now available in the
> Fluka web site. The following files are available:
> fluka2011.2x-linuxAA.tar.gz (Linux, g77)
> fluka2011.2x-linux-gfor64bitAA.tar.gz (Linux, gfortran 9, working on
> gfortran 8 as well)
> fluka2011.2x-mac-gfor64bit-9.2-AA.tar.gz (Mac, gfortran 9)
> fluka2011.2x-mac-gfor64bit-8.3-AA.tar.gz (Mac, gfortran 8)
> fluka-2011.2x-8.i686.rpm (rpm for Linux, g77)
> fluka-2011.2x-8.x86_64.rpm (rpm for Linux, gfortran 9)
> In case gfortran 7 is really really needed..please let me know!
> It corrects the following issues:
> a) a correction for XCC/YCC/ZCC when moving bodies are used
> b) a correction in usrbin scoring for an issue which prevented the
> user routine endscp.f to work properly
> c) a change which allows to define a 3-H radioisotope as source
> using HI-PROPE (see a recent message on the list)
> d) 9-Be neutron cross sections out of ENDF/B-VIIIR0 instead of
> ENDF/B-VIIR0 (see a recent request on the list)
> e) 40-Ar and natural Ar neutron cross sections out of ENDF/B-VIIIR0
> instead of
> TENDL-13, the latter being suspicious
> f) a fix for temporary echo files on Windows 10 Home Edition with
> Docker (see a recent message on the list)
> They also include the following technical additions
> (more details are available in the ASCII manual, the pdf version
> is not completely up-to-date):
> 1) DAMAGE default for damage (DPA) calculations
> 2) TPSSCORE and RAD-BIOL cards for radiobiological linear-quadratic
> alpha/beta scoring
> 3) Generalized particles 'RES-NUCL', 'DOSE-H2O', 'ALPHA-D ', 'SQBETA-D',
> 4) IAZTRK flag in TRACKR for tagging products of a given radioisotope
> 5) AUXSCORE filtering for resnuclei USRBIN's
> 6) The ability to change into whichever material for decay product
> transport (limited before to vacuum or blackhole)
> 7) Catch of the TERM interrupt in order to stop cleanly the run as soon as
> possible at the end of the current event
> 8) Control of the echo input file by the environmental variable FLUKAECHO
> (see the ASCII manual for details)
> 9) a protection against "impossible" isotopes requested with the
> MATERIAL card (see recenty message on the list)
> As usual, assistance will be provided only for the latest respin.
> The Fluka developers
> Paola Sala
> INFN Milano
> tel. Milano +39-0250317374
> tel. CERN +41-227679148

Paola Sala
INFN Milano
tel. Milano +39-0250317374
tel. CERN +41-227679148

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