[fluka-discuss]: Exporting a geometry problem

From: Tamer Tolba <t.tolba_at_fz-juelich.de>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 20:04:23 +0100

Dear all,

In my model I need to draw a hexagon cone! I found it very difficult to
construct such a shape in both; FLUKA/FLAIR and SimpleGeo. So, what I did:

I constructed the shape in Autodesk inventor ==> then I exported it as
Object (*.Obj) ==> I imported the (*.Obj) in SimpleGeo ==> then I
exported it as FLUKA input new syntax (*.new.inp) ==> then I load the
*.new.inp file in the my flair project.

Here I found a problem: the loaded input file (in flair) loads the shape
as "region", hence there is/are no "expression(s)" to be assigned to
this region!! Thus, I am not able to use this shape in my final
fluka/flair model.

I have two questions:

1- How can I solve this "region/expression" problem? In other words, how
can I use the loaded shape, the hexagon Cone, in fluka?

2- If for whatever reason, solution 1 is not possible, is there any one
with experience in fluka/flair or SimpleGeo who can advice me how to
draw such a shape in either of the two programs?

Attached, you will find the:

1- HexagonCone.obj (file exported from Autodesk Inventor). "Then import
this in SimpleGeo"

2- HexagonCone_Fluka.new.inp (file exported by SimpleGeo). "Then load
this in a flair project"

With my best regards,


Dr. Tamer Tolba
Forschungszentrum Jülich
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