RE: [fluka-discuss]: dose and yield calculation using fluka

From: Liang, Taiee <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 09:02:47 +0100 (CET)

Dear Mohammed Yjjou,

I do not often run ion beam simulations, but I can at least make some
suggestions to help. Perhaps someone else here can correct me if I am
mistaken and assist further?

First, I recall a recommendation to link DPMJET/RQMD when simulating ion
interactions in the hundreds of MeV. There is a $FLUPRO/flutil/ldpmqmd
script that you can run, but I usually accomplish this through flair (see
attached image). Also, I believe you need to activate evaporation of heavy
fragments and coalescence. I added these cards into your input, but please
refer to the manual and past course material for more details.

I looked at and edited your input file in flair. For the USRYIELD, you
applied a normalization factor of -1, which is why flair shows red. However,
I noticed that the USRYIELD requests “Ekin GeV” twice. Normally, I would use
USRYIELD to obtain information on double differential particle yield with
respect to energy and angle (ex: edited input). Notice there are two
USRYIELDs: one for angular bin of 0-90 deg and another for 90-180 deg
(w.r.t. beam direction!).

I also modified your USRBIN cards to score p+ primary fluence (to plot and
visualize the beam with flair) and dose (energy deposition in water target).
I successfully ran this input file. It does gives results now…but I ask that
you check the manual for what you really want. Hope this helps gets you


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Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2020 11:57 AM
Subject: [fluka-discuss]: dose and yield calculation using fluka

Dear All,

I want to calculate the proton primary dose and yield in water for 250 Mev
proton beam using Fluka Mc Code but I couldn't. I think it's because
detector data entered incorrectly.

So what should I do in this situation?

best regards.

Note 1: I'm a beginner user

Note 2: attached you will find the corresponding input and output files

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