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From: Paola Sala <>
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The collaboration between INFN and CERN on the FLUKA development was
terminated last year.

Fluka and Flair versions from different sites are not compatible: flair3
is not compatible with fluka2020.

Differences between fluka2020 and fluka2011.2x.8 are detailed in the
release notes for fluka2020, as available on the web site and attached to
this e-mail.

I paste below my answer to a similar post

the question is not naive.
The collaboration agreement between INFN and CERN on FLUKA was
discontinued as of August 31st 2019.
Fluka2020 is the upgrade of fluka2011.2x.8 as developed and distributed by
INFN, the Fluka authors, and collaborators. It contains a great deal of
new/improved physics, partly a consolidation of previous common INFN-CERN
developments, partly completely new.
CERN is proceeding on another path, compatibility is not ensured.
Hope this helps
> Dear expert
> Please what is the difference between Fluka2020.0.3 and Fluka2011-3.0, can
> fluka2020.0.3 work with flair 3.0.9. I have installed fluka 2011-3.0 with
> flair 3.0.9 since January. I want to know why we have two different
> version, advantage of using one over the second and while we have them in
> different site.
> Thank you.
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