Re: Static compilation

From: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 12:34:42 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Vasilis...
  it works!!!!

I copied the file coming from the libf2c.xxxx.rpm of my
machine to the user space on the cluster, then I created the 2 links:

ln -s
ln -s

Then I set the LD_LYBRARYPATH to point also to that user directory and..
it works! I compile on my machine and run on the cluster.

thanks a lot


p.s. I compiled on a machine running fedora core 8 and run on a cluster
with SUSE (10 I think...)

> Hi Vincenzo,
> I am not quite sure that it could work but, try installing locally, on a
directory visible to the cluster the g77 libraries. Then set environment
variable LD_LIBRARYPATH to point to this directory on every node.
> Cheers
> Vasilis
> Vincenzo Patera wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have to run fluka on a cluster where there is no g77 libraries,
>> i.e.
>> I looked into the fluka discuss archive but it seems to be no info
about the
>> static compilation of fluka ( I hope I didn't miss it...!). I also
tried to
>> modified lfluka but no way... could you help me ?
>> thanks a lot
>> Vincenzo Patera
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