Re: Density map over a region

From: Giuseppe Battistoni <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 19:18:51 +0100 (CET)

Dear Juan
I am afraid, but I am not sure at 100%, that what you plan
cannot be done in practice without introducing a subtle mistake
which will never lead to a crash, but will produce wrong results.

At initialization time FLUKA performs preliminary calculations to fill
various tables for the different materials, and some of these
should depend on the density.

Therefore you can succeed to change density
with your suggested method, but the results will be probably wrong.
I ask for confirmation to main authors.
        Giuseppe Battistoni

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, Juan Blanco Sancho wrote:

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> Dear Fluka Users,
> I have to run some simulations over a small copper target and a proton
> beam, and score the energy deposition over it.
> On every run I will have calculate the new density map for the target
> base on the results and it should be feedback to the next run.
> I would like to not touch the geometry and not divide the target in
> regions which different densities. I would like to keep my inp untouched
> and to read the density(x,y,z) from a text file. (I need something like
> the MAGFLD but for the density)
> I have though to define a MAT-PROP(USERDIRE) for the target material of
> that region so when a particle is track it will call the USRMED routine.
> In USRMED just include the FLKMAT and base on the coordinates of the
> particle and the table read from a file change the density.
> I would like to know if this is possible and/or there is another way
> (more elegant) to do the same (COMSCW?)?
> Cheers,
> Juan.
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