Re: tallying recoil proton in fluka

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 21:30:09 +0100

Salut Francois,

> i need to score proton produced by neutron (elastic interaction) in bc
> 501 liquid scintillator, i have tried many tallies but i am new with
> fluka and a bit lost with its numerous options

in fact different options are available, and the choice depends on your
actual needs. You could score spatial distribution of (energy
integrated) proton fluence with USRBIN, or the proton spectrum over a
region with USRTRACK, or double differential (vs energy and angle) proton
fluence on a surface with USRBDX...
This way you do not discriminate possible protons produced by n+C nuclear
reactions in the scintillator.
Set carefully the energy limits in the more suitable scoring card (but
USRBIN) and the proton transport cutoff as well.
Otherwise, an event by event analysis can be done with USERDUMP and a
customized mgdraw routine where you can intercept proton recoils at the
entry USDRAW (activated by WHAT(4)=1.0 in USERDUMP). Among the NP
secondaries produced in any interaction, protons are identified by
KPART(IP=1,..,NP)=1 and you can know their origin by the ICODE value. For
neutron interactions (JTRACK=8) in the scintillator, proton recoils can be
produced by an elastic interaction n+H (ICODE=100, or ICODE=300 if the
neutron energy T_n is below 20MeV) and an inelastic interaction n+C
(ICODE=101 for T_n>20MeV).

Hope this helps


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