Re: Score neutron from 16O(p,xn) reaction

From: <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 07:30:51 +0800

Dear Francesco:

I set the target thin to score the cross-section of 20MeV proton
(p,xn) reaction of Oxygen-16 EMERGING from target.
100micro meter depth of water to make the energy loss of proton small
(around 1MeV).

The output result of total response 0-0.15 MeV, 0-180deg bin from
51_sum.lis is 23.3.
Does this mean that the cross-section I scored of (p,n) of material
Oxygen-16 : 23.3 barn/ [GeV] (barn or mbarn ?),which equals 23.3
mb/MeV ?

I benefit a lot from your advice for the choice of LAM-BIAS for
applying this case.
Did I still make obvious mistake? Once again,

Please advise me to do the comparison with ICRU , the magnitude
relation still deviates.

My Best Regards


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