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Hi Sunil

To activate transport of light fragments you should first
activate the EVENTYPE card.
Pointwise cross sections are available 6-Li and 10-B
see quote from the manual below

The same applies to light fragments (alpha,3-H) from neutron capture in
6-Li and 10-B, if pointwise transport has been requested by the user.
All other charged secondaries, including fission fragments,
are not transported but their energy is deposited at the point
of interaction (kerma approximation).
It is possible to to transport p from 3He(n,p) as well.

Let me know if it resolves your problem.

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Hi All

Since Alfredo has clarified that it is possible to score alpha from 10B, I have been trying a simple exercise; a central detector surrounded by paraffin with source of neutrons outside paraffin. The input is attached with this. I am unable to score alpha particles with with Bf3 or with just 10B. Indeed, from the output I see that the pointwise cross section is not activated at all. However, with 6Li substituted for Bf3, I get alphas as expected in the detector and the output file too shows that the pointwise cross section has been invoked.

Am I missing something?

Is it possible to score 3He(n,p) reaction also ?

Best Regards
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