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From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 15:41:22 +0200

Dear Maja,

I would prefer that you send such emails to the fluka-discuss list.
FLUKA can do electron and photon tracking correctly down to 1keV. The
recommended setting of 100keV is for most applications a safe limit to
speed up the simulation.
To lower the limit you have to use the PART-THRes card.
Continuous = energy deposition from "continuous processes" along the
track like dE/dx
Point = energy deposition from interactions at specific points in space

Best Regards

Maja Olvegaard wrote:
> Dear, Vasilis - again!
> I did it again - accidentally clicked on "send" instead of "save", so
> please just discard the last two e-mail that you received from me.
> I have understood from the Fluka manual that the lowest limit for
> electron tracking that is recommended is around 100 keV. Does that go
> for every type of scoring? I understand that you can override this
> limit by putting an arbitrarily low emf-cut for particle transport. Is
> it doable, and if yes: is it trustworthy or am I in the risk of
> getting something unphysical?
> About USERDUMP: what is the difference between "Continuous" and
> "local" (or "point") energy deposition? If I want to follow each
> primary electron until it ends (and there dump the final energy and
> coordinates), what shall I use?
> I apologize for the confusion of all the e-mails, and for the somewhat
> confused questions. I have tried to find this information in the
> manual without success. If you find time to help me with these doubts
> I would be very greatful.
> Have a nice day and rest of the week!
> Best regards
> Maja
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