"Neutron" dose

From: Thomas Otto <Thomas.Otto_at_cern.ch>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 12:04:53 +0200

Dear colleagues,

I would like to thank Alberto Fass=F2 for his explanation that energy is
finally imparted by electrons, in the archives under
http://www.fluka.org/web_archive/earchive/new-fluka-discuss/2362.html .

There is one statement which I need clarification about: Alberto writes

" "Neutron dose" in FLUKA is kerma, which in the real world would
be ionizing charged recoils, and they too would ionize by transferring
energy to electrons."

On the other hand, the manual states
"10.3.3 Generation of charged particles [from l.E. neutrons]
Recoil protons and protons from N(n,p) reaction are produced and
transported explicitly, taking into account the detailed kinematics of
elastic scattering, continuous energy loss with energy straggling, delta
ray production, multiple and single scattering. [...] All other charged
secondaries, including fission fragments, are not transported but their
energy is deposited at the point of interaction (kerma approximation).

I assume that Alberto's statement above means, that Neutron dose is
kerma in the case that the secondary is not a proton, else the proton
will "take care" about depositing the energy (via delta rays, low
energy electros and so on, depending on the chosen PART-THR). Can you
confirm or correct ?
Thank you,


Thomas OTTO
Head, Dosimetry Service
Radiation Protection Accelerators Meyrin

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