Fluka2008.3c released

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:15:13 +0100

Dear Fluka users,

a (further) patch version of Fluka2008.3, Fluka2008.3c, has been released
just now. It contains few bug fixes, in particular:

a) Tau+/- decays (whether "prompt" or after transport) are now controlled
    by the PHYSICS card with SDUM=CHARMDEC as per charmed particle decays

and a significant functionality change/improvement which affects users of
FLUGG and VMC (and which is the reason for bumping the patch level).

Functionality change with respect to the use of FLUGG and VMC (Virtual
Monte Carlo):

- FLUGG: starting from this patch version, FLUGG is better supported
   by Flair. Most Flair functionalities, including geometry plotting,
   can be used with FLUGG, having care to point to the correct executable.
   In order to exploit fully this capability, please download also the
   latest FLUGG release, as well as the latest Flair release, both
   available from the FLUKA web site

- VMC: due to several examples of (inadvertent) use of the FLUKA-VMC
   interface by people/groups who never asked for the required derogation
   to the license, the hooks for VMC have been removed. A special version
   with the hooks reactivated will be available on the FLUKA website
   under a download procedure reserved for the authorized experiments.

See the RELEASE NOTES for further details.

As usual, all users including those not affected by the changes, are
kindly invited to upgrade as soon as possible to Fluka2008.3c. Support and
bug fixes will be provided for this version only.

As it is obvious from the name, the major revision number of this release
is 2008, the minor revision number is 3, and the patch level "c". With
this patch release all FLUKA versions older or equal to 2008.3b are
obsoleted and they shall no longer be used according to the conditions
spelled out in the FLUKA license.

                      Best regards
                  The FLUKA development team

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