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Dear User,
  you are scoring the neutron fluence taking into account the factor
For scoring the number of particles crossing a surface, I did the
following steps:
* I create a boundary between two regions where I need to store the
particle number information.
** I activate the mgdraw routine (using the USERDUMP card) and I use the
entry BXDRAW (see the description from the manual here reported)
*** I store the data on a file

BXDRAW (boundary crossing dumping)
Argument list (all variables are input only):
          ICODE : FLUKA physical compartment originating the call
                    = 19: call from Kaskad (hadrons and muons)
                    = 29: call from Emfsco (electrons, positrons and photons)
                    = 39: call from Kasneu (low-energy neutrons)
                    = 49: call from Kashea (heavy ions)
                    = 59: call from Kasoph (optical photons)
          MREG : number of region before boundary crossing
          NEWREG : number of region after boundary crossing
          XSCO, YSCO, ZSCO : coordinates of crossing point
BXDRAW is called at each boundary crossing (if requested by the user with
USERDUMP, WHAT(3) < 7.0). There is no default output: any output must be
supplied by the user.

If name-based input is being used, the names corresponding to MREG and
NEWREG can be obtained via a call to routine GEOR2N:


> the report of scoring.pdf(7th FLUKA Course, Paris Sept.29-Oct.3, 2008)=20
> said 'Same, WHAT(2)=3D NEUTRON to get neutron fluence' in Page 10.
> If we obtain the "fluence" by usrbin, it means that the results already=20
> including the factor of dt/cos=CE=B8 for each particle crossing the
> surface=
> ,=20
> am I right?
> If I obtain the results including the factor of dt/cos=CE=B8, how can I
> jus=
> t=20
> score the number of particle(current independent from particle=20
> direction, but not the fluence) by usrbin?
> Hantao Jing
> 2009-1-22
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