3He(n,p) and 3He(n,d) reactions

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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 11:40:51 +0100

1. I simulate high-energy neutron to hit Helium-3. There are two
    reactions that should be considered the same time: 3He(n,p) and
    3He(n,d). There is not any introduction about them in the fluka
    manual. Do I need to define the reaction channel? Like as the fm4
    card mean (n,p)reaction in MCNP

2. If it is needed. How will I do it? I can't understand the command
    USERDUMP and MGDRAW, and their relations with the collision tape.

3. What difference is between simulating high energy and low energy
    neutron? The manual has said details about simulating low
    neutron, but no detail about high energy.

=BF Can you help me? , Best wishes

Zhixi Yue
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