RE: tab.lis file different to plot, what are the correct units

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 20:20:56 +0200

Dear Tristan,

> Just one query, why is what 6 in the first card for usryield named norm
> and not area in FLAIR?

because in principle you are supposed to put there any normalization
factor (so affecting the units you will actually get), not just the
boundary area

> So to confirm if I choose plain double differential yield in my usryield
> card and choose energy and momentum as dx1 and dx2 and enter nothing in
> what 6 on the first card then I get units of [GeV*primary*(GeV/c)]**-1

(out of curiosity, why do you score both as a function of energy and

> If I multiply each value in the tab.lis file by the width of the
> corresponding energy bin and the width of the single momentum bin then I
> have units of [primary]**-1 which is what I am hoping to get. Sorry if
> this seems really basic, but well it is quite important for us that
> there are no mistakes as these results are influencing design decisions
> on a future target station.

Basic things are definitely fundamental, thus important to clarify.
Your integration is again correct. Note that, in the *_sum.lis file, you
have also the cumulative yield, i.e.
F(E)=\int_{E}^{E_max} (f(E,p)*dE)
[where \int_{E}^{E_max} stands for the integral between E and E_max]
so F(E_1)-F(E_2) gives you the integral (unless the single momentum bin
width factor!) over the (E_1,E_2) interval.


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