Regions STA and BRA not interacting with 65 MeV proton beam

From: Antonello Carloni <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 13:37:59 +0200

Dear Fluka users,
I am trying to build a pad that is placed on the inner face of the outwindow
of a gas ion chamber
This region called PAD1 consists of a region delimited by two planes at
45 in the XY space ( PLA UP1 and PLAUP2), two other planes parallel to Z
axis ( XYP U1 and XYP U2) and two planes parallel to the Y axis (XZP P1 and
XZP P2) as you can see in the hereattached padplane1.inp file.
The problem is that i also define two RPP bodies: RPP bri which is next to
PAD1 and is described as region BRA and another RPP str which is on on the
outer face of the detector, underneath PAD1 and BRA and is described with
region: STA.
All these regions have copper assigned as material
The problem is that a 65 MeV proton beam centered in the area of the RPP
BRA lying next to the pad interacts only with the PAD1 region and does not
interact with the regions described by the two RPP bodies (whose name
regions are BRA nad STA).
I would be very thankful to those who can help me.

Antonello Carloni
Dipartimento Tecnologie Nucleari Per la Salute

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