Data of USRBIN + AUXSCORE identical to just USRBIN

From: Jason Emory Andrews <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:18:52 -0400

Hello FLUKA users and experts,

I am a FLUKA beginner. I want to score neutron and photon equivalent
doses, but I also just want to score the fluences in order to compare
to MCNPX data from the same problem. To do this, I use USRBINs for
the fluences, and additional USRBIN cards outputting to different
units followed with referencing AUXSCORE cards with SDUM = AMB74. I
use Flair, so after the run I ask Flair to process and merge the

When I plot the USRBINs, the fluence results are identical to the dose
results for corresponding particles. Am I using the AUXSCORE cards
incorrectly? Is Flair using processes which alter either scores
beyond just data merging? My input is attached. Thanks for your

Jason Andrews
University of Washington

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