Re: Dose and dose rate estimation, some general questions

From: Stefan Roesler <>
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 20:53:02 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Andrey

I am not sure if your below question had been fully answered:

If the decay is requested for certain cooling time (RADDECAY/What(1)=1)
scorings are never mixed together (wouldn't make sense already because of the
nomalization, prompt is "per primary" and residual is "per unit time")

If the decay is requested in analoge mode (RADDECAY/What(1)>1) scorings are put
together only if a detector for prompt radiation is associated with
DCYSCORE/What(1)=-1 (not yet documented in the manual)


> 1. In my regular simulation WITHOUT the four lines mentioned above my
> USRBIN estimator will produce data on dose deposited in it's binning by
> all primary and secondary particles (for which the transport has been
> requested, of course). I suppose it will not include dose deposited by
> decay products. Is this true?
I did not find the accurate answer to this in the manual, I wonder if a
FLUKA author could clarify this one.
I would say both but I am not sure.
> 2. Now WITH these four lines, will the estimator produce data for dose
> rate deposited by primary/secondary particles AND decay products (A)? Or
> will it be dose rate due to ONLY decay products (B)?
This is related to your DCYTIMES values, if it is after irradiation
(positive value) the answer is B, if it is during irradiation (negative
value) the answer is probably the same as for question n#1.
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