Can Flair's Python functions be used in end-user scripts?

From: Alexandr Malusek <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 20:08:58 +0200

Dear FLUKA users,

Is there an easy way of using Flair's Python functions in end-user scripts?

An example: I plot some figures directly via Gnuplot. To do so, I plot the
 data via Flair first, and then, in Gnuplot, I use the file
case01_usrbin_61_plot.dat generated by Flair. I need to press the "Plot"
button in Flair for each of the 10 "detectors" in the file. I would like
to automate the process since I have several files with many detectors
inside. For instance by calling a script that would:

 - read the binary file case01_usrbin_61_plot
 - write _plot.dat files for each detector (fluence_of_protons_plot.dat,
fluence_of_neutrons_plot.dat, ...)

I know that Flair was designed to provide a graphical user interface. But
the functions to process the data are already there.


Alexandr Malusek
Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division of Radiological Sciences / Radiation Physics
Faculty of Health Sciences
SE-581 85 Link=F6ping
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