Number of positrons

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Dear Ertan,
  I suggest you to give a look at the lecture about "Estimators and Scoring"
where it is explained the use of USRBIN and USRBDX.
If you want to score the positrons "produced" (i.e. the positrons leaving
the target) you can use the USRBDX estimator (slides 17 and 18). BUT, as
reported in the manual:
"The results of a USRBDX boundary crossing estimator are always given as
DOUBLE DIFFERENTIAL distributions of fluence (or current) in energy and
solid angle, in units of cm-2 GeV-1 sr-1 per incident primary, EVEN WHEN
ONLY 1 INTERVAL (BIN) HAS BEEN REQUESTED, which is often the case for
angular distributions. Thus, for example, when requesting a fluence or
current energy spectrum, with no angular distribution, to obtain INTEGRAL
BINNED results (fluence or current in cm-2 PER ENERGY BIN per primary) one
must multiply the value of each energy bin by the width of the bin (even
for logarithmic binning), AND BY 2 pi or 4 pi (depending on whether
one-way or two-way scoring has been requested)."

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> Dear All,
> Now I study on positron production.
> firstly the electron hits on the target (W75R25), then the positrons are
> seperated.
> I obtained the graph of energy deposition. but I don't know how I can find
> the number of positrons.
> How can I find the number of positron (which are produced)
> from files at the attahments?
> Best regards
> Ertan
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