RE: Workstation Computers for FLUKA

From: Chrysostomos Valderanis <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 10:48:41 +0100

Hi Chris, Paul,

|"> I faintly remember a presentation that was stateing that Geant4 performance was following more closely the SPECint numbers than the SPECfp|
|numbers. With the explanation that the disicions> that an MC code has |
|to make are as expensive as the actual calculations. I wonder if this is |
|correct also for Fluka." |

Makis did not seem to doubt the "explanation" re Geant4. Do not trust
Geant4 people. Papers and other media in which claims about Geant4
have been made contain untruths.

Well, I am not an expert in the performance monitoring. I do take with a grain of
salt the presentations I am looking at, but I cannot make much more.
  As a simulation user I do have an interest in knowing what factors influence
the running time of my simulation. Which I believe can lead us back to the
original question. I am pretty sure that in my simulation the CPU is the limiting factor.
I just want to know what part of it is the most influencial.
Is is the integer performance, the floating performance, the cache size?
I really have no clue and thats why I want to see if someone has actual numbers to base an answer to.

|"If you happen to have a link to the presentation that you mentioned then |
|I'd appreciate if you could send it to me. |
| |
|Cheers |
|Chris" |

Please cite it on the email list. I am also interested in learning
more concerning it.

Paul Colin

I am really sorry, but I cannot provide the reference. I do remember that it is very old,
for sure 3 years old. I cannot remember even which community produce it.
Also I am not sure the numbers was refering to micro-benchmaks as Chris implied,
or to macro-benchmarks (ie. ATLAS simulation jobs).

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