Re: Voxel-geometry in shades of grey

From: Sommerer, Florian <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 11:16:03 +0100

Dear Manuel,

I guess you are using FLAIR for plotting. I just dont understand why you
have just two colors. That would mean that you have only two materials
in the plotted slice, which is very unlikely in a human CT.
Are you sure that you assigned the right materials to the voxel region?
The color black in FLAIR normally means black hole. Black hole is the
default material if nothing is assigned. However if there is black hole
in your voxel geometry, the dose distribution will contain (at least a
few) empty bins. Do you observe anything like this? Dose your dose
distribution look normal?

For plotting the voxel geometry in gray scale you could assign your own
material palette in FLAIR. However it is difficult and you can not
overplot the CT with the dose in FLAIR (which I guess is what you really
want to do). An other way to do that is the use of gnuplot commands
inside of FLAIR, but I have never tried if it works.
Often MATLAB is used for displaying the original CT and the FLUKA dose.
However, you will not see if your VOXEL file is right and you have to
write a MATLAB program that can read FLUKA outputs.

Concerning structures like PTV, GTV, etc. FLAIR and FLUKA cannot help
you. You have to extract the coordinates from your treatment planning
system. Since you know the coordinate system of your scoring you can
identify the positions. Also for that purpose you will need an other
tool for plotting.

Hope that helps,
Cheers, Florian

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Betreff: Voxel-geometry in shades of grey
Dear FLUKA users,
I try to simulate the clinical radiation of a prostate gland. But the =
geometry-plot of my pelvis-ct includes only the colors black and white =
which makes it a little bit difficult to find the prostate gland (no =
just kidding, for sure it=B4s impossible).
Is there an easy way to plot the voxel-geometry in shades of grey like a =
normal ct pic? Or does anybody know how I should find my PTV any other =
Best regards
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