Boltzmann Master Equation (BME)

From: Manuel Kunz <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 16:33:26 +0200

Dear FLUKA users,

I'm currently simulating with C-12 ions using the DPMJET and RQMD modules.
I do this by using an executable created via the ldpm3qmd commando.
I also include DPMJET in the EVENTYPE card.

I read in the following fluka-course slides:
that DPMJET works for energies > 5 GeV, RQMD works for energies between
0.1 GeV and 5 GeV, and Boltzman Master Equation (BME) works for Energies <
0.1 GeV.

When I check my outputfiles I just can find the initializiation of DPMJET
and RQMD. I can't find anything concerning BME. But BME is for me of
particular interest since I'm also simulating C-12 ions with energies
below 0.1 GeV.

Is the BME module running anyways (maybe by default) or do I have to turn
it ON somehow? I can't find it in the manual or any other documentations.

Best regards,

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