Re: Error in Input File

From: John Brittingham <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 20:50:08 -0500

Dear Lucia,

Thank you in advance for your help. I have also been unable to
reproduce the crash for a given input file, and I cannot think of any
reason that it would behave in this manner. Unfortunately, I have
deleted all of the output files for which this crash has occurred.
When this crash occurs, it writes "Unexpected End of Input: Start
Assumed" for as many lines as it can until my server terminates the
job due to exceeding my disk space quota. I have produced a .out file
that exceeds 1 TB in this manner. There is nothing else in the file
other than the above line. The fluka_* folder also contains the .log
file, but it is empty.

I did use flair to create my original input, but these particular
inputs were created using a Java script. I considered the possibility
of a misalignment and have examined a few of the files in flair, but I
do not think that this is the case b/c I cannot reproduce the error
for a given file. When I receive the error again, I would be glad to
send you the contents of the fluka_* folder if it would help your
diagnosis. Again, thank you for your help.


On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 3:01 AM, Lucia Sarchiapone
<> wrote:
> Dear John,
> I am sorry I cannot experience the same crash as you.
> By the way, have you used flair to write or look at your input file? (I
> am thinking about a possible misalignment that is immediately visible
> with flair).
> Would you please send the .out as well?
> Regards,
> Lucia
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