Re: A problem about 383keV photons BEAMPART in Fluka2011 version.

From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 20:03:29 +0200

I had the impression that I had already met a problem like that submitted
by Z.F. Lee.

A search in the archives of the discussion list has indeed brought me the
following answer that I sent 8 years ago:

The problem arises when a user sets a maximum energy for USRBDX scoring
identical to the energy of the primary particles, AND THERE IS NO MATERIAL
BETWEEN THE SOURCE AND THE BOUNDARY. Without any material (i.e. in vacuum),
the particles reach the boundary without losing any energy, and a very small
rounding error is sufficient to defeat the check done by the program that
the particle energy is inside the defined limits.

All the three persons who sent an answer found the right correction
by increasing the upper scoring limit:
Turgay Korkut S. Chatterjee and Mary Chin.

Perhaps we should include this case in our list of Frequently Asked
Questions? (OK, maybe not so frequent, but recurrent, since it still comes
back after 8 years!)


On Mon, 25 Apr 2011, wrote:

> Dear all,
> While I checked tjk.inp by Z.F.Lee I tested about 100 different material
> and different thickness to obtain photon USRBDX (BEAMPART) score
> for 383 keV primary photon energy but I see zero in sum.lis file each time.
> When I used 383.01 keV, problem was solved.
> Thanks to your attentions.
> Best regards.
> Turgay Korkut
> Ibrahim Cecen University
> Faculty of Science and Art
> Nuclear Physics Division
> Turkey
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