Re: Low Residual Nuclei output

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 11:36:02 +0200

Dear *Sujoy*

> 1) Do I have to switch on the "IONTRANS" card for scoring energy
> deposition due to 4-He and 6-Li generated from neutrons ?

Not necessarily, even if ion transport is not activated, they are
anyway ranged out and their energy is obviously deposited. IONTRANS may
make their transport more accurate, if needed (we are dealing with a
~1.5MeV alpha).
Note that both you and Paola, for the 10-B neutron capture, meant 7-Li
(and not 6-Li).

> 2) Can I transport 4-He in any reaction it is produced or only
> specifically from the one produced from B-10 ?

Any 4-He explicitly generated is transported (with accurate transport,
including possible further interactions, if ion transport is on). But, as
far as low energy neutrons are concerned, only the ones produced from 10-B
and 6-Li can be explicitly generated.

> 3) If I take 4-He as primary source, what is the lowest energy for its
> transportation in any material and for nuclear reaction ? (As per the
> old Fluka release, the lowest energy for nuclear reation was 100 MeV/n).

The alpha transport limit is at ~1keV, while their nuclear reactions are
now performed by BME down to the Coulomb barrier (but in helium, since
alpha + 6-Li/He are the lightest systems handled by BME)



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