Release of fluka2011.2.3 (respin of fluka2011.2)

From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 12:31:24 +0200

Dear Fluka users,

a new respin of fluka2011.2, fluka2011.2.3, has been pushed to the

A few issues has been solved, in particular:

a) a possible random number sequence divergence has been fixed
b) two very rare, more or less infinite, loops during nuclear
     interactions (experienced at CERN) has been painfully debugged
     and solved
c) an issue when restricted NIEL and DPA were both asked for in the
     same run has been solved (DPA values were rubbish in that case due
     to an incorrect pointer)

We also profited to introduce some minor changes:

1) a minor update in the gplevbin.f auxiliary code used by Flair has
     been introduced to better compute indeces when rounding could
     possibly skew them
2) the manual has been further corrected/improved
3) antiprotons annhilations at rest have been further tweaked. While
     keeping all the improvements of fluka2011.2 wrt fluka2008.3 in the
     pion reinteraction rate for medium/heavy nuclei, results on hydrogen
     and light nuclei have further improved

All users are kindly invited to move to 2011.2.3 as soon as possible.
Assistance/error corrections will be provided only for the latest respin
as usual. Further, the solution of issues a) and b) implied a change
in random number sequences which is now different from 2011.2.2

As far as the gfortran version is concerned, which many users are eagerly
awaiting, the solution of issue b) took most of our time and therefore
the gfortran release is somewhat delayed. It will now occur in the week
23-27 May barring surprises. At the same time the form for source request
will be updated and the source download will be enabled again for those
authorized, since we now feel that the fluka2011.2 is reasonably stable
(hoping not to be proved wrong).

                    The Fluka developer team

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