RE: Dose Equivalent Units

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 14:48:26 +0000

Dear John,
you are right there is an error in the manual on the description of the
DOSEQLET particle. However in the AUXSCORE Note 5, it correctly mentions
that the scored quantity is DosexQ(LET), therefore the units are GeV/g
times the quality factor Q(LET)

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Subject: Dose Equivalent Units

Dear FLUKA Collaborators:
I am writing to inquire about the units for the scoring of DOSEQLET
(particle 243). I am scoring dose equivalent using USRBIN region
binning, so if my reading of the manual is correct, the results should
be reported as pSv / primary. To test the scoring, I ran a simple one
dimensional simulation of 100 MeV/n iron ion traveling through 1 g of
water. My simulation resulted in USRBIN dose output of 54.857 pSv and
USRBIN dose equivalent (LET) output of a dose of 5.541 GeV/g (~8.8E-7
Gy). Based on a rough estimation, the quality factor, I expect the
dose equivalent to be at least 10 times higher than the dose. Based
on my estimate, it looks as if the dose equivalent result in the
output is reported in units equivalent to GeV/g. I have attached the
input I have been using. I would greatly appreciate any help that you
could provide.

Thank you,
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