Re: y-89(n,2n)y-88

From: Andrzej Wojciechowski <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 19:57:38 +0400

Dear Alberto
Thank you for your fast answer.
How can I calculated y89(n,2n)y88 reactions using only primary
neutrons? I would like to calculate the (n,3n), (n,4n) and (n,5n)
reactions too.
Kind reagards

Dnia 03-06-2011, piÄ… o godzinie 10:36 -0700, Alberto Fasso' pisze:
> Andrzej,
> how do you calculate a cross section from RESNUCLEi results? Your result
> would only be valid if you used an extremely thin target, and in any
case you
> have no way to know if the target was thin enough.
> I suspect that the difference you get with respect to TENDL comes from
the fact
> that as energy increases you produces more and more secondary neutrons,
> can contribute to the reaction you are interested in.
> In other words, you probably get y89(n,2n)y88 reactions not only due to
> neutrons, but also to secondaries: and this is why the "FLUKA cross
> appears to be larger.
> Alberto
> On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, Andrzej wrote:
> > Dear FLUKA experts
> > I would like to calculate the cross section of y89(n,2n)y88 reaction
> > RESNUCLEi command.(see ny200.inp).
> > Unfortunately the results are not correctly for beam energy greater than
> > 70MeV (comparing with TENDL data) (see TENDL-n2n.doc.)
> > Are TENDL evaluated data reliable?
> > What is the reeaons? What do I do badly?
> > Kind regards
> > Andrzej
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