RE: Using LOW_BIAS to discard Fissions from low energy (<20 MeV)

From: Santana, Mario <msantana_at_SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 16:52:37 -0700


Hi Mina,

The cutoff for LE/HE is related to the low-energy neutron definition in FLUKA,
so I believe 19.6 MeV. If you test the SCORE command that you already
defined with different primary proton beam energies above and below that
limit you will see how the HE-FISSION contribution vanishes when the beam
is below that energy and slowly appears when you go above it.

Similarly, you can use SCORE to test if the LOW-BIAS command applied from
low energy group 1 (the highest energy) is enough to suppress all low-energy
neutron contribution as defined by FLUKA. You will see that by activating
that command LE-FISSION does NOT entirely disappear (when neutrons reach the
highest low energy group, 1, they are deposited at the spot, not killed).
However, if you use PART-THRES at 20.0 MeV (kinetic) you completely suppress
all low-energy neutron ('low' as defined in FLUKA) and all the fissions =
are due to 'high-energy' protons, neutrons, etc.


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Hi all,

500 MeV protons on UO2 target encased inside Ta container.

Isolate low energy (<=3D 20 MeV) neutron contribution to fission product
yields from hight energy protons and neutrons.

1- Can I achieve the above objective by using LOW-BIAS to set the energy
cutoff for low energy neutrons. I am only setting the ECut WHAT(1):

LOW-BIAS 1. 0.0 rUO2Tgt

2- I am looking at the LE-FISSION and HE-FISSION densities via the SCORE
estimator; however, I do not know what the cut off energy is for the
LE/HE. I could not find it in the manual.

Thank you in advance,
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