From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 17:23:49 +0000

Dear colleagues,

we are currently looking into the assessment of the radiological risk of
various materials and in connection with this we're studying the various
isotopes produced. In this context the production of isomers becomes
important and to my knowledge FLUKA uses a fixed branching ratio of
50:50 between ground state and isomeric states. For some cases this
approximation may have negligible impact but for others it might result
in gross under- or overestimation. For Ag-110m we found that the
production is for example overestimated by a factor of ~11 due to this
equal branching ratio. Depending on the respective material composition
such factors could of course have a notable impact on the classification
and the associated radiological risk.

Some time ago it was discussed to include physically correct branching
ratios for the production of ground and isomeric states and I wanted to
ask what is the current plan and, if known, time frame regarding their

Thanks a lot for your help
Chris Theis
CERN/DGS-RP - European Organization for Nuclear Research
1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
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